The largest online video platform, the second-largest search engine after Google, and the second-largest social media network after Facebook are all YouTube.

With our YouTube marketing services, we put three of MagicAds 360's major competencies—video, search, and social media—to work for your company.


Why You Need a YouTube Channel for Your Business?

Your business needs a YouTube account if you want to compete with digital marketing behemoths like Apple, Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and others. Your business needs a YouTube account if you want to compete with digital marketing behemoths like Apple, Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and others. The fact is that YouTube has a big part to play in the world of digital marketing. You'll lose out on a sizable chunk of your target audience if you don't use this platform, whether it's because you don't think you have the skills to sell on YouTube or you have no idea what goes into making a video. Videos also offer chances for involvement that other media formats cannot match. A YouTube video, after all, appeals to a wide audience, engages several senses, and even promotes conversation and involvement in the comments.


Not yet catch much attention?

One additional fact: the highest-earning YouTube channel in a single year grossed $54 million. Clearly, this platform offers a lot of potential for success; all you have to do is work with a YouTube marketing company that can point you in the right direction.

SEO Ideo

You may use search engine optimization (SEO) outside of blogging. Potential viewers can more easily find your video content thanks to this digital marketing strategy. In essence, YouTube SEO puts you in front of the appropriate audience at the appropriate moment. It goes without saying that achieving a high rating on YouTube is difficult and crucial. More than 122 million people use the second-largest search engine every day, using it to access more than 1 billion hours of information. Ensure that part of that stuff belongs to you.

Video Production:

Lacking the time, money, or knowledge necessary to create, film, and edit your own YouTube video? The full-service creative team at MagicAds 360 is available to assist. A whole team of videographers, producers, editors, on-screen performers, voice-over presenters, scriptwriters, and graphic designers are the foundation of our YouTube marketing services. They collaborate to produce high-quality video content for each level of the sales funnel:

  • Videos for social engagement.
  • Tutorial videos.
  • Branding video
  • Movies on whiteboards.
  • Event reporting
  • Video ads
  • Video testimonials.
  • Training videos.

Writing a description for a video

Understanding audio and video marketing and advertising content is now simpler than ever thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, for both YouTube and Google searches, YouTube SEO and well-written video descriptions continue to be extremely crucial. Because of this, our content writers and social media marketing strategists regularly work together to produce keyword-optimized video descriptions. We pay close attention to elements that affect a video's position on YouTube, including the length of the description, the presence of primary and secondary keywords, link placement, and other textual elements.

Youtube ads

Then, with the support of our digital marketing specialists and PPC consultants, you can manage your YouTube advertising campaigns by enhancing the target audience for your ad, assisting with the cost-per-view bidding process, selecting the best ad format in accordance with your budget and expectations, and more. Need more help in understanding Youtube marketing? Don't wait anymore and book a call with us!